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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. Children here are taught by Miss Field and Mrs Sear in 2MF and Miss Felstead and Ms James in 2FJ assisted by Miss Adrian, Ms Martin, Ms Asenso and Mrs Weston.

In year 2 we build on our learning from year 1 and start to become more independent learners. We like to take our learning out of the classroom wherever possible to make use of our school grounds as well as trips in the local area.

In maths we are working on developing our knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction. We use lots of concrete apparatus to secure our understanding.

In English we love exploring books to inspire our writing and we are working really hard to develop our sentence structure and punctuation to make our writing interesting to read.

Children in Year 2 are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum in the Year 2 SATs tests in May. Although they are tests, they are administered in a familiar way with the children and they often don’t realise they are doing a test at all. We never talk about tests with the children they are a tool for teachers and not something parents or children should be worried or concerned about. Your child’s results in the tests will be reported to you in their end of year report. You can find more information in the side panels.

Home Learning

  • Hear your child read as often as you can. Ask them about the book to check their understanding of the story and new words.
  • Read books to your child often – you can discuss the story and character together and discuss new or unfamiliar vocabulary.
  • Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
  • Complete your weekly homework task and encourage children to present this neatly – this will help with handwriting too.
  • Make use of Teach your Monster to Read and TTRockstars as much as possible – this is a fun and interactive way for children to practise essential skills.

Year 2 Curriculum

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