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Northampton Primary Academy Trust (NPAT)

Upton Meadows Primary School is part of Northampton Primary Academy Trust, which is a multi-academy trust of 14 primary schools across Northampton, Wellingborough and Milton Keynes. The school benefits from support from the central NPAT team. More information about the Trust and its schools can be found on the NPAT website. The NPAT Board of Trustees is the governing body and some of its functions are delegated to a local governing body for the school.

NPAT was formed in 2012 by a group of five Northampton schools who believed that by working together they could achieve something truly special for children across the area. NPAT is driven by a vision of innovation, high aspiration and achievement, and a commitment to sport and the arts. This approach is encapsulated in our motto: ‘Achieving Extraordinary Things’


The NPAT vision is to achieve educational excellence, create opportunities and enrich lives.


We will do this by developing a multi-academy trust of highly effective and sustainable schools.

Values Statement

At NPAT we know that there is greater potential for realising our vision through working together as a family of schools providing support, collaboration and challenge. We are ‘one school with many doors’. Our collective strength is epitomised through a shared focus on ensuring great teaching and curriculum, focussing on the most efficient use of resources in order to provide maximum value for money. Although our schools retain their own individual, unique character our strength is built on synergy - the belief that we can achieve more collectively than alone.

We have clear values and beliefs that guide us in how we act and in decisions that we make. We are driven by the determination to ensure that our schools sit at the heart of their local communities and are drivers for educational excellence for all.  Our moral purpose is rooted in high aspiration and ambition for all children, including those who face the greatest disadvantage in our most deprived communities and children with Special Educational Needs and Disability. We are responsible for developing future citizens who have a voice that is heard, and who understand their place and responsibility in society.

We ensure that we use evidence-based research to inform our educational priorities.  We recognise the importance of both high academic achievement and the development of the whole child through a wide range of opportunities with external partners, including the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Gallery.

Contact Details

The Central Office for Northampton Primary Academy Trust is located at Headlands Primary School. 

Any enquiries relating to NPAT should be directed to:

Julia Kedwards OBE - Chief Executive Officer
Northampton Primary Academy Trust
c/o Headlands Primary School
Bushland Road

Tel: 07741 654181 

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