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The School Day

Our Attendance page is available here.

Attendance Policy

Gates open at 8.45am for children to enter the classrooms. All children should be brought to and collected from their classroom door by a responsible adult – in year 5&6 it is possible to give written permission for your child to walk to and/or from school by themselves.

Registers are taken at 8.55am. School closes at 3.15pm

Foundation stage/KS1


8.55am register

8.55am register

9.00am Assembly

9.00am Assembly

9.15-10.30am morning lessons

9.15-10.50 morning lessons

10.30-10.45am Break

10.50-11.05 Break

10.45am morning lessons

11.05-12.15pm Morning lessons

Reception 11.55-12.55pm
Year 1 12.00-1.00
Year 2 12.15-1.15

12.15-1.15pm Lunch

12.55/1.00/1.15 - 3.15pm Afternoon lessons

1.15-3.15 Afternoon lessons

3.15pm Hometime

3.15pm Hometime

Punctuality and Attendance

It is essential that pupils are punctual and in school every day. All pupil absence is managed in accordance with government guidance and our Trust-wide policy which available to download from this page.

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