We passionately believe that every child must be provided with opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, academically and physically. We are an inclusive learning community that is forward thinking and committed to ensuring that all children in our care are happy, enthusiastic and purposeful learners.

Special Educational Needs

The identification and learning support programs for children with special educational needs are the responsibility of the class teacher and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo): Mrs York. The children are fully integrated into school life, receiving expertise and assistance from various outside agencies that work with the school.


Children with a physical disability are fully supported in accessing all parts of the school and we are a fully accessible site.

Nurture and pastoral support

We also run a highly successful nurture provision in a school alongside an extensive pastoral support programme. We have two full-time Family Support Workers ( Mrs Johnson and TBC) who work with children in small groups and one to one if required. We also have 2 ELSA's: Emotional Literacy Support Assistants who run a programme of interventions around Social and Emotional skills as well as two Pastoral Learning Mentors who support children to be successful in the classroom. 


At Upton Meadows we are proud of our diverse community and the many talents, strengths, qualities and values that we share. We do our best in school to celebrate these and educate children to show acceptance, understanding and kindness to all. Our report below sets out some of the ways we do this. This is a working document and will be added to often. 


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