Safeguarding Information

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Clare Searing.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Michelle Letts, Sue Johnson, Vicky Palmer, Lois Beshiri and Tom Griffiths.


At Upton Meadows we want to support our children and families from being drawn into terrorism, becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism or extremism in any form or guise.  As a Trust and as a school, there is no place for extremist views of any kind whether from internal sources; pupils, staff or governors or external sources; school community, external agencies or individuals.  We recognise that extremism and exposure to extremist materials and influences can lead to poor outcomes for children.  PREVENT is the prevention of children falling prey to radicalisation or extremism, and forms part of our Safeguarding Children approach.

Safeguarding Policy

Our safeguarding policy can be downloaded here.

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